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People are our most important resource, and their health and safety is one of Mosites Construction Company's principal responsibilities and primary concerns. Safety is an integral part of all operations, whether it is in planning and development or contracting.  Mosites Construction Company's proven safety record and outstanding claims management program reflects the corporate commitment to employee welfare.

However, we want to take this opportunity to reaffirm our belief in a strong safety and health program which will continue to create, and thus provide, a safe place for all employees to work.  We strive to be on the cutting edge of ideas and technologies that will eliminate hazards on our construction sites.  We, as an organization, go one step further by providing resources for our employees to take home to share with their families.  It is imperative that Mosites Construction Company employees understand and realize that senior management truly cares about their well being.

Accident and physical exposures cost time and money, but more importantly, they cause personal loss, emotional despair and unnecessary hardship.  Mosites requires all subcontractors, vendors and visitors to adhere to our culture and philosophy.  We share our concern for providing a safe working environment for everyone who may enter one of our construction sites. 

Our Safety and Health program's effectiveness depends upon the cooperation and support of employee and management personnel who are knowledgeable of the potential hazards that occur in the workplace.  Through education and training, employees are afforded the opportunity to conduct their work activities in a safe and responsible manner. 

Complacency is not accepted within our Safety Culture and we as employees will work to prevent all accidents and near misses.  We have instituted expansive training and education courses that are provided by Mosites management, local trade associations and specialized educational institutions.  We have implemented a corporate safety representative policy that provides union trade employees the opportunity to be a site specific safety representative.  These individuals must manage the contact safety and security.  This program provides employees with a feeling of authority as well as being a part of something. 

We continually strive to beat complacency, instituting measures that are proactive within the industry.  By doing so, we become a working unit that trusts in each other’s values and believes in our corporate goals.