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Our History

Mosites History

The beginnings of Mosites as a contractor are founded in the life story of Moscos George Mosites.  A descendent of fishermen and sailors from a small Greek village on the Black Sea, Moscos had the passion to move fearlessly in the direction of his dream for a better life.  At the age of 17, he set sail bound to pursue his dreams in America.

MG, as he became known in America, settled in the thriving industry-rich town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1917.  Soon thereafter, he began contracting for painting work.  MG relied on hard work and experience as a sailor climbing, tying and rigging lines to execute his business plan of painting stacks, towers and bridges.  He quickly became the largest industrial painting and maintenance contractor in the tri-state area.

In 1959, after five years with MG, his son Steven T. Mosites recognized the opportunities in the general construction industry and founded Mosites Construction Company.  One year later Donald Mosites, Steve’s brother, joined the company.  In 1969, Mosites ventured into real estate and established the Development Division.  This added venture has resulted in numerous contributions to the growth and prosperity of Western Pennsylvania.

Over the years, Mosites Construction & Development Company has conservatively expanded into one of the leading construction firms in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Under the leadership of M. Dean Mosites, Donald’s son, the business has continued to grow and succeed in an ever-evolving industry.  Learning from Moscos, a risk taker and inspiring leader, our company has resulted in one that is prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.