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Vitetta Group, Inc.

PA Turnpike Commission

Project Size:
20,091, SF Maintenance Building

22,528 SF Vehicle Storage Building

12,750 SF Salt Storage Building

1,911 SF Emergency Generator Building

2,500 SF Administration Building

1,400 SF Fuel Island Canopy

Mon-Fayette Expressway Maintenance

Mon-Fayette Expressway Maintenance

Uniontown - Brownsville, PA

Mosites Construction Company was selected to build the new Uniontown to Brownsville Maintenance Facility situated on the Southbound side of Mile Marker 18.  The maintenance facility complex serves 34.8 miles of highway starting from the West Virginia border northward to the vicinity of the California Mainline Toll Plaza.  The project included construction of five new buildings:  the maintenance building, vehicle/equipment storage building , salt storage building, emergency generator building  and administration building.  Work included:  selective demolition, excavation, grading, paving, utilities, fencing, landscaping, concrete, steel erection, insulation, standing seam panels, overhead hoists, loading docks, garage/man doors, new electrical service, domestic water, new main fire service, extension of existing sanitary sewer, underground fuel storage tanks and vehicle fuel dispensing system.

Project Scope/Features:

  • 100,500 SF H.D. bituminous site paving
  • 42,000 SF stone lay down area
  • Salt dome storage building
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • Fuel islands & canopy
  • Vehicle exhaust extraction system
  • Vehicle fuel dispensing system
  • New electrical service
  • Landscaping
  • New main fire service
  • Concrete apron/steel curbing
  • Overhead insulated doors