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CMU vivarium

CUH2A Architects Engineers Planners, P.C.

Carnegie Mellon University

Project Square Feet:
12,000 SF Vivarium

Mellon Institute MICV

Pittsburgh, PA

When Carnegie Mellon University wanted to expand their laboratory infrastructure by constructing a new 12,000 SF vivarium, a space to specialize in the research of vertebrate animals, they turned to Mosites to provide construction management at risk services.

The vivarium contains six animal study rooms with support facilities including procedure rooms, isolation and treatment rooms, operating rooms, morgue and necropsy area.  Also included was a rack washer, tunnel/cage washer and bedding disposal system.  Each animal room is equipped with an automated animal watering system, a monitoring system to control light levels and access and egress to animal rooms.  Construction of the vivarium space consisted of stone hard epoxy flooring and quarry tile, resinous epoxy coated wall panels, stainless steel doors, frames, hardware and a water-resistant ceiling to ease the wash-down process.  The installation of a specialized mechanical system was also required.

This facility is designed to house animals infected with potentially lethal disease for the purpose of research at Biosafety Level 3.

Project Scope/Features:

  • Bedding disposal system
  • Rack/tunnel/cage wash system
  • Automated watering & lighting system
  • Procedure/operating rooms
  • Animal monitoring system
  • Isolation/treatment rooms
  • Morgue & necropsy rooms
  • Specialized mechanical systems
  • Specialized finishes
  • Specialized fresh air make-up/exhaust system